We're meant to be together always and forever

can we talk about the rubbing against jensen and his hand brush over jensens crotch….^^ these two…especially misha..


I love his smile #tomwelling #smallville #parkland #gorgeous #mybaby #sigh


I love his smile #tomwelling #smallville #parkland #gorgeous #mybaby #sigh


Holy Mother of God! 

He is so gorgeous. I love you Tom. 

oh yes i totally agree with that!!!


Jay and Kristin at Comic Con :) (and not Jaystin Grrrr)

Credit to K-Kreuk.Us


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If i don’t know the answer I can at least point you in the right direction…. Google ;)


Gorgeous man, thank you for this..;)


Soooooo…I’m curious.

Reblog if you ship Melinda May and Phil Coulson.

'Cause I ship it like fed-ex.


Feeling FeelingsCoulvary fic*Pre-AOS era/early SHIELD daysBased on this post2,497 wordsRead More


Feeling Feelings
Coulvary fic
*Pre-AOS era/early SHIELD days
Based on this post
2,497 words

Read More


“If time is a dream… then she was always there, wasn’t she? From the moment I took my first breath… till the end of the world. Always at my side—offering me love and wisdom, companionship and challenge. My wife, my lover, my best friend.”

- Clark Kent.