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Cas and Demon Dean.


Cas and Demon Dean.

The banshee can appear in a variety of disguises. Most often she appears as an ugly frightening hag but she can also appear as a stunningly beautiful woman or any age that suits her.



My Teen Wolf Collection

With Season 4 starting soon I figured I’d post my collection, my comics arrived in the mail today so I snapped some pics.

  • Season 1-3B (Calendar & Fan-Art Book Included)
  • Teen Wolf Comics - Issues #1-3 + Tyler Posey Rare Variants
  • Teen Wolf - On Fire Novel
  • Coach Finstock T-Shirt signed by Orny Adams
  • Scott McCall Picture signed by Tyler Posey
  • Mirror - Reflect It Back Calendar (Not technically TW but 70% is TW cast)
  • Triskele forearm tattoo
  • Various Accessories (Jelly bracelet, buttons, triskele necklace)
  • Season 1-3B SDCC 2014 Limited Edition DVD’s
  • SDCC 2014 Bestiary

Think it’s fair to say I kind of love this show.

Updated my collection, the bolded are new.


Haylijah Appreciation Week - day five
Favorite Tearjerker/Heartbreaking Moment

"I…let this person in. I let her in. I don’t let people in. You knew this, and you’ve taken her from me. I needed her and you’ve broken me."


Teen Wolf at Comic-Con 2014! Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, and Dylan Sprayberry!

Watch the video at


longer than they should.


longer than they should.


Look at the way his face lights up! ()


best tv/movie characters:

[109/??] Dylan O’Brien as Void!Stiles/Nogitsune in Teen Wolf (2014)

↳ “Divine move? Divine move!? You think you have any moves at all? You can kill the Oni, but me? ME? I am a thousand years old YOU CAN’T KILL ME!